Historic Haunts
Historic Haunts Historic Haunts Historic Haunts Historic Haunts

Historic Haunts

Take a trip through the historic haunts in Prince William & Manassas. Ghosts have allegedly roamed the community for decades; sometimes appearing in windows or on street corners while other times causing mischief by making candle flames dance, doors close and stairs creek. Come see for yourself!

Rippon Lodge
Rippon Lodge has a diverse history and is one of the oldest haunted homes in Prince William. Rumor has it that Route 1 had to be rerouted just to avoid the ghostly residents of this property. There are a few ghosts that roam Rippon including one of a child who some say can be seen looking out the upstairs window. Newspaper articles from the 1920’s and 30’s also claim the house is haunted because a loser of a dual bled to death in the home.

Brentsville Courthouse Historic Centre
Connect with Agness, the spirit who allegedly haunts the jail at this 28-acre site. Agness was one of 13 people executed outside the jail after she was tried and convicted of killing her master.. People claim they have heard voices coming from the jail or have seen faces in the windows of the building. The television show “Ghost Hunters” filmed here just a few years ago.

Weems-Botts Museum
Get frightened at Weems-Botts Museum, the second most haunted home in Virginia. Once home to Parson Weems, the biographer for George Washington, today the museum is rumored to have paranormal activity. Civil War soldiers are said to haunt the nearby cemeteries and park while a child, who still talks to ghost hunters in the voice of a little girl, haunts the home. The house was featured on Biography Channel’s “My Ghost Story” and offers haunted lock-ins and ghost tours every October.

Historic Occoquan
This quaint town along the Occoquan River boasts numerous ghosts and features walking ghost tours throughout the year. Get a glimpse of the Indian who allegedly appears in a bathroom mirror at a local restaurant, talk to store owners who have had their merchandise strewn around and look for the young man who haunts a busy street corner.

Winery at La Grange
Ghost stories are popular at the Winery at La Grange, which recently went through a renovation in 2006. Piano music can often be heard despite there being no piano on property. A young girl is said to inhabit one of the upstairs rooms as well as the original owner of the house, Benoni Harrison, who is believed to roam the property after all these years. 

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