Board of Directors
Board of Directors Board of Directors

Board of Directors


Mike Yeatts, Chairman
Representing the Woodbridge District

Rojan Robotham, Vice Chairman
Representing the Coles District

Janice Cunard, Secretary
Representing the Occoquan District

Steve Chapman, Treasurer
Representing PWC At-Large


Dr. Alice Howard
Representing the Potomac District

Representing the Brentsville District

Ginny Person
Representing the PWC Economic Development Council 

Representing the PWC Tourism Industry


Doug Burroughs
Representing the Gainesville District

Jason Grant
Representing the PWC Communications Office

Brendon Hanafin
Representing PWC Historic Preservation

Dorothy Holley
Representing the Neabsco District

Charles Friend
Representing the PWC Tourism Industry

Patrick Small
Representing the City of Manassas

Sally Wood
Representing PWC Parks & Recreation

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